Legionaries in Canada

We are blessed by our community throughout Canada.

Reveal, Form, Launch: Regnum Christi’s mission is to reveal Christ’s love to people, form them as apostles and launch them in their God-given mission.

Driven by the desire of Jesus’ heart to set the world ablaze, the religious priests of the Legionaries of Christ support each other and work in communion with other Regnum Christi members in their mission to form apostles, people who let the love of Christ the King transform their hearts, their families and their world.

The Legionaries of Christ are a Roman Catholic religious congregation of priests and seminarians, and part of the Regnum Christi Federation. They live in communities, and make vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

The formation of a Legionary is a deep and transformative process that spans an average of 14 years, leading up to his priestly ordination. He is formed to be both contemplative and apostolic.

Legionaries go out as missionaries in today’s world. With great charity, joy and zeal, they invite people into the adventure of living for Christ and transforming the culture around them. Each year they impact thousands of lives through youth work, education, parishes, missions, the sacraments, and spiritual direction.

In our locality we are blessed for having a community of Legionaries of Christ motivated by the desire to know, love and serve Christ through service in local schools and parishes throughout Canada. They are:

Father Todd Arsenault, LC was raised the son of an RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officer in Nova Scotia and his mid-teens moved to his parents birthplace of Prince Edward Island where his father is now a dairy farmer. His parents are both very active members in the Church. He also has two younger sisters.

Fr. Todd entered the Legionaries of Christ in the summer of 1994 at the noviciate in Cheshire, Connecticut. He did his first 8 years of seminary training in the USA and Canada, and completed his final 3 years of theology studies in Rome at Regina Apostolorum University in preparation for priestly ordination. Fr. Todd was ordained on December 24, 2005 in Rome, Italy at the Legionaries of Christ Seminary Chapel by Cardinal Norberto Rivera, Archbishop of Mexico City.

In 2006, Fr. Todd was assigned to both the GTA and Syracuse, NY to do youth work and help with the spiritual formation of men in the Regnum Christi Movement. In 2009 he began full-time ministry in the GTA, assisting the Regnum Christi Movement’s development as a spiritual director, retreat master, helping with couple’s groups through Familia Canada and offering spiritual assistance to young adults. On weekends he ministers at various parishes throughout the Hamilton diocese.

Fr. Pierre is originally from Québec and has two younger sisters. He joined the seminary in Ontario at the age of 18. After twelve years of formation which brought him to Connecticut, New York, Cornwall and Rome, he was ordained a priest on December 24th, 2010. He was ordained with 60 other Legionaries, including his cousin Fr. Janick to whom he was very close during his youth and still is today.

After his priestly ordination, Fr. Pierre stayed two more years in Rome to finish his studies. At his first assignment he went to join the Legionary community in Montréal, QC, where he was named associate pastor along with Fr. Louis de Vaugelas LC – Fr. Pierre Desroches, a diocesan priest, was their pastor. During those three years, he gave particular attention to youth and family ministry. In the summer of 2015 he was transferred to the legionary community of Oakville, ON, where he is the Vocations Director and member of the youth team with Fr. Jerek Scherber and Fr. Michael Vanderbeek.

Fr. Jerek was born and raised on a dairy farm in Minnesota and is the oldest of 10 kids. At 14 he felt a call to follow Christ on an adventure, in which the first step was the Immaculate Conception Apostolic School run by the Legionaries of Christ in New Hampshire. After finishing high school, he entered the novitiate in Cornwall, Ontario. He then studied two years of classical humanities in Connecticut and two years of philosophy in Rome.

From 2012 – 2015, Fr. Jerek was an assistant formator of novices, first in Cornwall (until that novitiate closed) and then in Connecticut. He then spent a year in Houston, helping at a school and running camps and retreats. He returned to Rome for three years of theology and made his final vows on August 20, 2016.

Fr. Jerek was ordained a deacon in Houston on July 7, 2018 and joined the Ontario community later that summer, where he is now the ECYD Boys Director. He was ordained a priest on May 4, 2019 in Rome.

Fr. Louis de Vaugelas, LC, joined the Oakville Community of Legionaries priests on December 1, 2019.

Fr. Louis de Vaugelas is a French priest of the Legionaries of Christ. At the age of 20, he became a Lay Consecrated Man of Regnum Christi for 2 years, before entering the Legionaries of Christ. He was later ordained a priest in December 2007. He spent his internship and first few years of his priesthood serving the diocese of Montreal, Québec. There he worked closely with couples and discovered how the vocation to marriage is very effective for the new evangelization even in secular Quebec. After his time in Quebec, Fr. Louis served the Regnum Christi members in the Ohio Valley as the Chaplain to the Women’s Section.

Fr. Louis de Vaugelas, LC is now the new Chaplain for the Adult Regnum Christi members in Ontario and Quebec.

You can learn more about Fr. Louis here: https://rcohiovalley.org/news/meet-father-louis-de-vaugelas-lc

Fr. Kenneth was born in Rogersville, New Brunswick, Canada. He was ordained a priest in 2002.

Fr. Kenneth is the Superior of the Legionaries of Christ Community and Chaplain for the Women Section in Calgary.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Fr. John was ordained a priest in Rome on November 25, 2004, after training in Spain, Colombia, Brazil, and Italy. He spent 2004-2006 obtaining his licentiate in moral theology from Regina Apostolorum University in Rome, Italy. In 2005, he became the Vice-Rector of the general directorate in Rome.

In 2006, he moved to Canada to become the Vice-Rector of the novitiate in Cornwall, Ontario. He currently directs the Regnum Christi movement in Western Canada.

In 2016, Fr. John was appointed Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, Calgary.

Fr. Daniel Wilson LC is a southern Californian from Orange County, USA. Brought up in a devout loving evangelical Christian family, he was received into the Catholic faith in university. It was at the University of Dallas where Fr. Daniel incorporated into Regnum Christi and was on the young men’s team for three years.

A year after graduating from university, he entered the novitiate of the Legionaries of Christ and eleven yearsa later was ordained a priest. He has served as the Mid Atlantic vocations director in the US, Young Men’s section director and ECYD in New York, retreat master and spiritual director at Our Lady of Bethesda Family centre in Maryland, university chaplain at the former Institute for the Psychological Sciences (now Divine Mercy University) and Regnum Christi chaplain at Our Lady of Santa Clara retreat center in California.

Today, Fr. Daniel serves as the Regnum Christi chaplain for the greater Western Canada locality, and the Associate Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in the diocese of Calgary, where the Legion of Christ community resides.

Father Michael grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He entered the Legion of Christ in 2005 in Cheshire, Connecticut where he began his studies of religious life before continuing these studies in Ireland, Spain and then Rome. In the Eternal City, he completed his bachelor’s degree in philosophy and was sent to work as Dean of Students for two years in Center Harbour, New Hampshire, then continued the same work with young men in Cornwall, Ontario for another year.

Father Michael studied three more years in Rome and acquired his bachelor’s degree in theology before being ordained a deacon in June of 2016. He then began his work at Clear Water Academy as instructor of formation in August of 2016.

At the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, he became chaplain at Clear Water Academy.

Father Alex joined the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ at age 17. After completing his novitiate in Cheshire, Connecticut, he professed religious vows. He studied Philosophy at the Legion’s College in New York and Sacred Theology in Rome. He was a member of the formation staff of the Legion of Christ’s Apostolic Schools in New Hampshire, USA, and in Ontario, Canada.

Fr. Alejandro professed perpetual vows in September 2010 and was ordained a deacon in Tabasco, Mexico in June 2015. On December 12, 2015 he was ordained a priest in the Basilica of Saint Paul outside the walls in Rome. After carrying out ministry as a member of the formation staff at Sacred Heart Apostolic School in Rolling Prairie, Indiana, he was assigned to serve in western Canada as member of the Regnum Christi youth work team and at Clear Water Academy as formation instructor.

The Legion of Christ is a Roman Catholic religious congregation of priests and men studying for the priesthood.

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